Laser Cut Clear Acrylic Shapes

Laser Cutting – What Will You Create?

The Altered State’s laser cutting offers a wide array of opportunities and possibilities to makers, students, entrepreneurs, businesses and the general public.

The speed, precision and versatility of The Altered State’s laser enables the fast and cost effective production of everything from simple shapes, trophies & awards to bespoke or custom products.

Possible Solutions

Some possible solutions for you include: Architecture and model making; art: branding, marketing or promotional items, displays and signage; fashion and textiles; foam inserts; furniture and products; glass engraving; metal engraving; paper and card invitations; paper etching

Laser engraved Oak Whisky Cask End for FaitMaiz
Engraved Glass and slate for Gintensify

Laser Etching

The Altered State’s laser can take your design graphic from the software program of your choice and print it directly on the material of your choice in the laser.

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